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Paul relates to a diverse range of people and their challenges.

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“Paul was able to put me back on my feet again.”


Unhurried and Caring

Paul offers a thorough and comprehensive treatment service, very professional, unhurried and caring. I saw him primarily for problems in the recovery process of addiction and anxiety. The treatment was a great success, I thoroughly recommend him. – Anthony B

Stopped Carrying My Baggage Around

“Paul initiated and guided me through the process of removing the negative impact that bad experiences in my past were having on my current life. I left each session with Paul feeling a little stronger and slightly more liberated from my past. Now I simply recognise and accept that the past is finished and not relevant to my new life. The relief of clearing away that baggage is joyful and permanent. The result of Paul’s assistance to me is that I am now free, happy, and in a beautiful and lasting relationship. Thank you, Paul. I found Paul to be completely trustworthy and highly skilled. You will need to be able to trust him, follow his instructions and allow him to guide you through the process.” – C.H.

Lost My Confidence, I had Panic Attacks

Paul was able to help when I reached a very low point in my life. I had started to become very anxious and nervous in all sorts of situations. I lost all my confidence at work and started to develop panic attacks when I went out to pubs and restaurants, even when my girlfriend was with me. Paul was able to help to put me back on my feet again. Now I am enjoying work again and even speaking out in meetings which I was afraid to do before. My friends have all noticed the difference and say that I am like the old me again. I would recommend Paul to anyone suffering similar problems to mine. – Jeffery G.

Stutter no more.

Paul solved my stuttering problem. When I first met him, I can’t speak properly. My first language is Chinese, I also have similar problem with Chinese. However, through 10 sessions of Hypnosis treatment. I increase my confidence and rarely get stuttered when speaking English. Really appreciate Paul’s help. – Henry H


We Broke the Vicious Circle

I can highly recommend Paul; he has given me the tools to change my relationship with food in the long term and finally enabled me to leave the vicious circle of fad dieting. It took a number of sessions by Paul using a variety of different approaches. His kind and professional manner put me completely at ease. Recently I consulted him again regarding a stress issue and it only took a few more sessions to clear it up. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone. – Julia C

Customised Treatment Plan

I would highly recommend Mr Paul Stephen-Daly; he offers a very friendly and professional service. I was incredibly impressed with how Paul was able to create a perfectly customised treatment that fitted my needs. Although I was nervous about my first session, his very affable and warm character quickly put me at ease. His sessions greatly assisted me in dealing with several anxiety and stress issues. – David N

I Couldn't Leave the House

I had been suffering from stress, anxiety and panic attacks for many years and it was affecting my life badly. I couldn’t even leave the house at times. My doctor suggested that I might try hypnotherapy and after talking to a number of different hypnotherapists on the phone I chose Paul to help me. I am so glad that I did because he has made such a difference to my life. I think that anyone who suffered as I did would find Paul most helpful. – Sally S

Clinical Hypnotherapy Supports You in Getting Back to Living Life to the Full

Paul shares some of his clients success stories.

Anne's Story

Anne wanted to lose weight for her daughter’s wedding. Biscuits and cakes were her biggest problem but she also went in for large portions and rather too much wine than was good for her. After hypnosis, I ran into her two years later. Not only had she kept off the weight she had lost, but was positively enjoying a much happier and healthier lifestyle while still enjoying her food—and the occasional glass of wine.

Young Business Man

A successful young businessman was so terrified of flying that the last time he had attempted to go on holiday he and his family had to quit the flight just before take off leading to the cancellation of an expensive trip and resulting in a very frosty relationship with his wife. Determined to conquer his fears he came to me for help.  We had four sessions to prepare him for his holiday, with a final appointment the day before his flight. On his return he was so pleased with the success of the therapy that he asked me if I could now help him to stop smoking.

Kate's Story

As an NCO Kate had driven trucks through the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan as part of the essential military convoys that regularly came under attack from the Taliban.  To her, dealing with enemy fire was just part of the job.  The only time she faced real terror in her army career was back in Australia. During her officer training course she dreaded having to give presentations to her colleagues, worried that she might fail. After just three sessions of hypnotherapy she was able to conquer her fears and now actually enjoys talking in front of others.

Jim's Story

Jim, a young apprentice plumber came to see me, he had a fear of spiders, can you imagine? He really couldn’t have chosen a worse profession having a phobia about spiders; under sinks and lofts are the spider’s favourite places. I was able to convince his subconscious mind that the spiders he was likely to meet were not dangerous. A few sessions later, at work, his workmates put some spiders on his arms and were surprised when he did not react as before.

Emily's Story

Emily was expecting her first baby and knew that she had to have a battery of blood tests to make sure that both she and the baby were healthy and fit to go through childbirth, but Emily was absolutely terrified of needles and injections. The last time she had to take a blood test, as a teenager, three nurses and her father had to pin her to a hospital trolley and hold her down while a fourth nurse took the sample. Now she wanted to be able to give blood without experiencing such terrible fear and panic. I used a variety of techniques for treating her severe phobia and, as a result, she is now able to give blood and receive injections without the kind of severe distress she had experienced in the past.

Peter's Story

Peter had suffered from OCD for many years.  His condition was so severe that he spent hours cleaning his kitchen before and after preparing meals, had to go home if he got any dirt on his clothes, and seeing dog poo on the pavement effectively stopped him walking down the street. At home he would take off all the clothes he wore in the outside world and washed them twice with bleach before he could bear to wear them again. After we worked together to help him tackle this debilitating condition, he still has some minor issues with dirt his life, but is much happier and comfortable and is able to live virtually free of his old debilitating condition.

David's Story

David’s wife Mary was expecting a baby in five month’s time. A moderate smoker up until she became pregnant, Mary had stopped smoking as soon as she knew she was expecting. David continued to smoke but now wanted to quit. Not only did he want to support Mary but he also wanted to set a good example to his new son or daughter by being a non-smoker. As David had the very best of reasons for wanting to stop he came to me for the usual hypnosis treatment to quit. Apart from the health benefits to himself, to Mary and to their new baby he also found the $11,000 he was spending each year on his 25 a day habit a useful addition to the family budget.

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