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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist, Paul Stephen-Daly, has successfully treated smoking addiction with clients that are ready to look after their health and well-being, He uses techniques that get to the root of the addiction to prevent relapse. Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug and nicotine supplement and frustration free way to kick the habit, without any side effects.Specialising in assisting our patients to quit smoking our hypnotherapy team can assist Melbourne patients to living a healthier life.

Your Clinical Hypnosis treatment is tailored to your specific motivations and lifestyle requirements. Paul Stephen-Daly is an independent State and Commonwealth Government Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with many years of experience in hypnotherapy and counselling. He has your well-being at heart and provides his clients with personalised treatment plans Committed to providing a superior and long-lasting set of solutions designed to help you quit smoking .My Time Hypnosis services are tailor-made for customers across Melbourne.


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Quit Smoking with Clinical Hypnosis

I Had to Quit Smoking

“I was a 60 a day smoker for years but my doctor told me I had to stop otherwise I would be dead before I retired. I did see another hypnotherapist who was c**p and nothing happened but a friend told me about Paul and said to try him, I’m glad I did because this time it worked and I have quit completely so thanks very much.”

Mike R.


Quit Smoking with hypnosis


  • Safe drug and nicotine supplement free process to stopping smoking.
  • Hypnosis gets to the root cause of the need for cigarettes.
  • Hypnotherapy helps to reduce anxiety, frustration, anger and other behaviors and feelings during quitting.
  • It aids in establishing powerful subconscious messages to support you in your social and home life while quitting.
  • Rapid results can be made when your intention is clear that you want to be well and live a healthier life.
  • You have your hypnotherapist to support you during the often lonely and sometimes unsupported road to quitting.
  • Treatment includes assistance to prevent and deal with any relapse.


It works with your decision to invest in your health to prevent being one of every two smokers that will be affected by cancer or other smoking related diseases during their life. When you are truly concerned about your health and well being, then you can take the steps with hypnotherapy to start living your life smoke-free.

During Hypnosis to quit smoking you achieve a relaxed and focused state of consciousness. You are better able to visualise your goals and take on positive suggestions to benefit you in your day to day life. While deeply relaxed and focused on the issues surrounding your smoking addiction, you may have insights on some of the hooks and ideas on how to manage your transition from smoker to smoke free living.

Quitting smoking is not just about not giving up a cigarette. It’s also about making adjustments to your social life, in giving your hands something to do, to learn how to be with friends, family members and work colleagues that continue to smoke around you while you’re trying to quit smoking.Our hypnotherapy services allow Melbourne smokers to enjoy better health almost immediately.

For you it could be your need to deal with anxiety, stress, difficulties of life such as relationship breakdowns, loss of a loved one or even your own loss of health. To stop smoking, the hypnosis treatment will involve assisting you with your current lifestyle and life issues to ensure quitting smoking is for good. Hypnosis will support you during this transition with powerful subconscious suggestions to aid you in staying on track to becoming a non smoker. To learn more about our comprehensive quit smoking hypnotherapy methods Melbourne residents can call us today to begin their path to a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle.