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Getting Help With Problem Gambling

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist, Paul Stephen-Daly, has worked successfully with people who have realised that their gambling is affecting their lives. Paul uses traditional Hypnotherapy techniques that get to the subconscious mind, reasons as to why a person is gambling and the impact it’s having on their lives. Thanks to our gambling hypnotherapy solutions Melbourne residents can go about their lives without having to live in fear.

People who have problems with gambling say they gamble because it’s exciting, it may take them away from thinking or feeling the worries and problems in their lives. In the majority of cases, Hypnotherapy assists in working through underlying issues to establish new boundaries and clearer objectives to rebuild a confident sense of self to start working on the impacted relationships of family and work life.

Your Clinical Hypnosis treatment is personalised to your specific gambling problems and the issues surrounding why you gamble. Paul Stephen-Daly is an independent Victorian State and Commonwealth Government Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with many years of experience in hypnotherapy and Counselling. He has your well-being at heart and provides his clients with effective treatment plans.

Effects of problem gambling on families

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Gambling starts out usually as a bit of fun but that can change and grow into something that becomes a problem as it starts to infect important areas of a person’s life.

Gambling can often increase other health risks such as increase in smoking and drinking more. When you drink with a gambling addiction it is harder to make good decisions with a clear head and stick to your determination on how much time and money to spend. The spiral and impact of ‘out of control feelings’ around the gambling can affect your moods with anxiety and depression becoming a side effect.

Once you’re ready to take the bold step to change this situation, hypnosis can be an effective way to deal with the complexity and layers of problems that often coexist. There is often, guilt, shame, remorse and other feelings around the impact it’s having on family members, friends and associates. The impact on others can be devastating, especially on your partner, your children, your parents, loved ones, the impact doesn’t stay just with you. We aim to ensure that our gambling hypnotherapy delivers lasting solutions to our Melbourne clients.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to heal your hurt and deal one day at a time with the consequences of gambling. Perhaps the gambling became a problem for you during a particularly stressful period in your life. Your Hypnotherapist will help you uncover and identify the initial problem so you can then proceed to recover.

Gambling is like any other habit. While it’s not a substance you’re using to get the highs, it’s a very powerful substitute that is just as difficult and problematic to reign in, as drugs, smoking and drinking. Each person has a different story as to why they have become hooked on gambling.

My Time Hypnosis treatment plans are personalised to deal with your specific needs and issues.

Problem Gambling


  • Your Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner can help you assess where you’re at with your finances and relationships and support you in rebuilding your life.
  • Hypnosis can help you get to the underlying issues that are at the core of the need for obsessive gambling.
  • Hypnotherapy can reduce the anxiety, frustration and anger when your life at home is in turmoil.
  • Clinical Hypnosis helps you deal with feelings of shame, guilt and of being alone and frightened for your future.
  • It aids in establishing powerful subconscious messages to support you in regaining control of your gambling habits.
  • You have your Hypnotherapist to support you during the often lonely and frightening road to stop gambling.


During your hypnosis treatment, you get to see why you gamble and the impact it’s having on you, your family, social and work life.

Originally your drive or motivation to gamble could be to win some money, for entertainment, a bit of fun and excitement, something to do with friends, or give yourself a chance to win the big one. It could have been to do something different for a while or forget about your problems, to avoid facing your finances, or even to prevent boredom. It could be to alleviate painful losses of loved ones or to avoid being socially engaged with others or many other reasons.

Gambling may have become a habit, an addiction, it may be ruling your life and destroying relationships and your employment. It may have ruined your finances. You may feel shame and guilt, alone and frightened for your future. During Hypnosis to address your gambling addiction, you achieve a relaxed and focused state of consciousness in a sensitive and non-judgmental environment. You will be able to visualise life without taking the risks with gambling.

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you take on positive suggestions to alter the way you view or feel about yourself and develop a positive image of where you would like to be in your life. While deeply relaxed and focused on the issues surrounding your problem gambling, you may have insights on some of the triggers that cause you to gamble and come up with the ideas on how to manage the impulse to gamble and fill the void with meaningful and less harmful activities.

The support your Hypnotherapist provides during your treatment can guide you to tune into other more positive activities or social groups that may give you the excitement or relaxation you’ve been craving. It’s also helpful in finding your determination in repairing relationships, gain confidence to address finances, to learn to live within your means and many other issues that you face as you step away from the habit of gambling.

Types of Gambling

In Australia we have a culture of gambling. Billions of dollars are spent every year, the Pokies being the largest portion of the billions we spend. Whichever form of gambling you choose, once it has become a problem, there are ways Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you resolve to gamble responsibly or quit for good.

  • Pokies
  • Betting on the horses or dogs
  • Sports betting
  • Online betting
  • Social media gambling
  • Casino games
  • Lottery games

Hypnosis will support you during this transition with powerful subconscious suggestions to aid you in staying on track. To find out more about how gambling hypnotherapy can help you customers across Melbourne can contact us today!