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Hypnotherapy Doncaster

Isn’t it time you had the support you deserve?

Reclaim your health, vitality and peace of mind.

Do you want to?

  • Quit Smoking
  • Stop Drinking
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Worrying
  • Lighten Up
  • Be Confident
  • Find Direction
  • Feel Well

Are you feeling?

  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious/Dread
  • Grief Stricken
  • Exhausted
  • Worried
  • Sad/Depressed
  • Anger/Trauma
  • Lost or Stuck

It’s my time!

Clinical hypnosis is a simple, easy way to free yourself from things that keep you stuck or in fear or hurt. Under Hypnosis the “conscious mind” is by-passed, allowing the “subconscious” mind to have a positive shift. This shift gives you freedom to reclaim your health, vitality and peace of mind.

Paul Stephen-Daly


C.Hea.Cln.Hyp. A.A.H.S. S.T.B.Vic. State & Commonwealth Government Qualified & Accredited Practitioner and Counsellor.

Paul Stephen-Daly your practitioner uses traditional hypnotheraputic skills together with highly-specialised, modern, scientific, cutting edge clinical hypnosis treatments.

Committed to helping our patients achieve a healthier lifestyle the team at My Time Hypnosis is here for you! Our unique and innovative hypnotherapy solutions have helped countless Doncaster residents and beyond improve their lives. 

Hypnosis for Anxiety Doncaster

Are you struggling with an anxiety disorder? At My Time Hypnosis our hypnosis treatments for anxiety allow Doncaster patients the opportunity to fully enjoy life again.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Doncaster

Thanks to our detailed quit smoking hypnosis solutions My Time Hypnosis can improve the health of Doncaster smokers. Using visualisation techniques and focused suggestion we can greatly improve your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Alcohol Hypnosis Doncaster

Do you want to quit drinking for good? With our personalised alcohol hypnosis treatments Doncaster residents and beyond can turn to My Time Hypnosis for a lasting solution to their alcohol dependency.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Doncaster

Have you become concerned about your weight? The sympathetic team at My Time Hypnosis proudly offer weight loss hypnotherapy for our Doncaster patients and beyond. To discuss your current situation and your personal aims call us today.

my Time Hypnosis Clinical Hypnotherapy

You deserve to be free from the things that hold you back. It’s time…

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