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Hypnosis for Grief and Heartache

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist

Help in dealing with Heartbreak, Grief and Loss

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Paul Stephen-Daly, approaches each client with great care and empathy. Clinical hypnosis is of great assistance in times of heartache and grief. A broken heart can be thrust upon anyone with the loss of a close family member, a friend or even someone we know of in the community. It can be equally debilitating to loose someone from a relationship. Sometimes it’s loss of our health, our status in the community, workplace redundancy, a loved pet that’s experienced as one of the family, children leaving home, infertility or separation from friends and family or even the loss of important possessions such as your home in a natural disaster or house fire.

Your Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment is tailored with great compassion for your feelings in this time of great need for tender and kind understanding. When we lose someone or something important to us, it takes time to adjust to living without that person, the thing or way of life. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve, healing is a time thing and support is essential for your health and well-being.

Paul Stephen-Daly is an independent Victorian State and Commonwealth Government Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, with many years of experience in hypnotherapy and counselling.


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Helping deal with grief with Clinical Hypnosis

Found the Strength to Move On

“Through a chain of life events, the reality of my secure past employment, home and love life had vanished into history, but my acceptance of this reality required a powerful new mindset and clear targets that I found through Paul.

I came to him with a basket full of symptoms and old habits that I needed to rectify in order to get my life re-focused and headed on the right road again.

Through Paul’s no nonsense practical application of Hypnotherapy, he has assisted me enormously to adjust to my new environment and given me new tools to take myself forward. I am also most thankful for the practical advice he has shared with me from his own earlier life and business experiences.

With each session that we have together, I feel more empowered and confident to face an exciting and prosperous new future ahead. Paul’s warm and friendly demeanour will give you the sense of security you require as you give freely of yourself under hypnosis. Thanks Paul.”


George V.


Helping grief with hypnosis


  • Grief can be full of feelings of intense sadness, insomnia, betrayal, guilt, remorse, emptiness, anger and lack of interest in life in general. Depression may arise out of your grief with constant and persistent feelings of emptiness and despair and a degree of difficulty feeling pleasure or joy. Clinical Hypnosis can assist greatly in limiting the hold these feeling have on you through positive suggestions to the subconscious mind.
  • Safe drug free approach to finding solace in a time of great distress or sadness from the ache of loss.
  • Hypnosis helps you avoid self destructive thoughts and behaviours by giving you a pathway through the pain.
  • The Hypnotherapist can listen to how you are feeling, and set up a personalised treatment plan for the issues you are facing. Each person’s circumstances are unique. Your Hypnotherapist will take the time to listen and understand what you are going through.
  • It aids in establishing powerful subconscious messages to support you to function during this often difficult period of grief.
  • You have your hypnotherapist to support you during the often lonely and confronting challenges of loss.
  • Treatment includes assistance to aid you in making wise choices and decisions to clear and tackle some of the difficult situations that come up after loosing a loved one.


Clinical Hypnotherapy can put you into a relaxed and focused state of consciousness. When you are in this completely relaxed state you are able to focus on suggestions to help you be clear on how to move forward during this difficult time. While deeply relaxed and focused on the issues surrounding your loss you may have insights on how to manage your health and well-being during the grieving process.

Making adjustments to your life to go on without your loved one or position or things can often be incredibly daunting. Your Hypnotherapist is able to support you through the tough times of decision making and rebuilding. Your loss is significant and important. Having someone qualified and trained to listen in a supportive way will assist you in steering a course of great care and compassion for you. You will be encouraged to reach out to friends and family for help and support.

Reactions experienced by people after loosing someone include:

  • Feeling sad, miserable or down.
  • Crying
  • Shock, denial and numbness, feeling that you can’t feel anything.
  • Anxiety, confusion, exhaustion
  • Anger, guilt, shame, blame
  • Sometimes even relief
  • Loneliness, isolation and withdrawal
  • Feeling different about yourself, acting out of sorts
  • Health problems such as headaches, upset stomach or even chest pain
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Not enjoying usual activities and hobbies
  • Personal relationships can suffer
  • Increased alcohol, smoking or drug use
  • Feeling hopeless or like you can’t go on – thoughts of suicide or self-harm