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About Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is a safe and effective way to deal with things that are holding us back. We have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. We think, act and make decisions with our conscious mind, whilst the subconscious mind controls our habits and beliefs. Once the physical body becomes relaxed, the conscious mind relaxes too. This state of mind is known as Hypnosis, enabling us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind to easily shift the habitual behaviors and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.



Clinical Hypnotherapy gives you freedom, it identifies the underlying issues behind why we find ourselves overweight, unfit, smoking more, angry, depressed, anxious, drinking to excess or in overwhelm. Hypnosis assists in uncovering and removing from the subconscious mind the thing that keeps us stuck and unhappy, it’s then relatively easy, for example, to loose weight and keep it off or to stop smoking for good. Clinical hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to clean up your life and in turn restore the real you to your family, friends and most importantly to yourself.

Resolve a Problem

Clinical hypnosis can assist in altering your current state of stuck, sadness, hurt or fear, it’s an easy way to resolve a problem.  If nothing else has worked to date, give Paul a call to see if you feel hypnotherapy will work in resolving your specific problems and fill your needs. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a natural way of ensuring real relaxation and freedom to get the right help.  Make time for yourself to have a shift in your subconscious mind, that will leave you addiction, worry and grief free, without the side affects of medication.

About Paul Stephen-Daly

A.A.H.S. S.T.B.Vic.

State & Commonwealth
Government Qualified
& Accredited Practitioner.

Paul Stephen-Daly started his clinical hypnotherapy and counselling business out of a desire to make a difference. It brings him immense joy to see people getting clear results from their sessions. Paul brings with him a wealth of wisdom, from a life fully lived. He is an experienced, State and Commonwealth Government qualified and accredited practitioner of hypnotherapy and counsellor. If you would like to feel more comfortable about dealing with your particular problem or circumstance, a complimentary phone call can help you get started with the support you deserve.

Addiction and Clinical Hypnotherapy

When things aren’t going the way we want them to go, we can develop habits such as drinking too much, comfort eating, relying on medications and drugs, anger or other people or sex to mask or hide emotional or physical pain, a seemingly easy way to escape from our reality.

The pain, grief or suffering we experience in the first place becomes even more difficult to deal with while we are covering it over with habits. Substance abuse and unhealthy relationships keeps us trapped in a vicious cycle of pain, medicated or clinging to others to cover up the pain, guilt, remorse and anger, leaving the original cause, the thing we are trying to escape from, unaddressed.

The new layers of cover up not only affect your health, vitality, energy, finances, self image, it also takes a toll on your relationship with your loved ones and your capacity to be your best self at work, school and with your friends.

If you are finding that you need something to ‘get you through the day’ or to manage in stressful situations or for comfort, then Clinical Hypnotherapy may assist you in dealing with the original cause in a safe and relaxed environment.

Unlike regular counselling, which can give you great results, clinical hypnotherapy gives you the added advantage of access to the subconscious where the original cause of your issue is stored. Once this is addressed during hypnosis it will free you to move forward to address and deal with the addiction with great ease.

Hypnosis is in Your Hands

Clinical hypnotherapy is done in complete openness and communication with you the client seeking assistance. You have full say in how the session goes, nothing is done without your permission or without your full knowledge.

Smoker Addiction

You are in complete control while you are working with your practitioner. The relaxation methods used aid the therapist to guide you to a place where you can let go of the things that are keeping you stuck or making your feel less than your best self.

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