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You can live to be over 100!

Healthier, Happier Enjoy Life More, Calm & Relaxed, Worry & Stress Free. HOW? ……

Live to over 100 - my time hypnosis

We can live to be over 100: It’s a well known fact that human beings are capable of living to 100 or more. According to the last Australian census there are 3,700 people 100 years and over living in Australia. So What’s Their Secret? Yes, we can easily be happier, healthier, stress, anxiety and worry free, more active, calm and relaxed and live to be well over a hundred. So What’s the Secret?

Our state of mind can prolong or shorten our life: It’s well known that in some countries, people will sicken and die of no clinically proven disease if they believe the “medicine man” or “witch doctor” has put a curse on them. The person simply wills themself into believing they will die, and so they do. Many cases are known where, when one elderly person has died, their partner loses all will to live and died shortly afterwards. A frail elderly lady of 97, dying from bilateral bronchopneumonia recovered because she willed herself to live to stop her relatives from inheriting her money! She subconsciously willed her organs and glands, so they worked at maximum efficiency. We are, and become what we BELIEVE we are & do what we BELIEVE we can do: This can easily be proved. Place a plank of wood on the floor and you can easily walk along it. Place the same plank high up in the air; say between two city blocks and see how you go! If I were to ask you why you couldn’t, you’d probably say, “I think,” or, (in other words, BELIEVE), “I would loose my balance and fall.” When we are in a state of mind in which we would like to do something but think, (believe), we can’t; then we’ll be unable to do it. If we believe we can’t go to sleep, we’ll be unable to go to sleep however much we try. The same goes for giving up smoking, drinking, drugs, loosing weight or any other bad habit.

“We are, and become what we BELIEVE we are…”

The power of Hypnotic Suggestion: Just think how a mere word or phrase can make us feel happy, angry, sad, ashamed, or afraid and can often evoke the bodily symptoms or sensations which accompany these states of mind. Consider how in some people, a single word or idea or suggestion may cause the blood to rush to their face and make them blush. Yawning, for instance, is notoriously infectious and if one person in a crowd faints, others will do likewise. Our whole lives are constantly being influenced by suggestion. Advertising depends upon the force of suggestion to induce people to buy things which they often do not really need. Orators, Union Leaders, Agitators and Members of Parliament all use suggestion to sway public opinion so as to persuade people to follow them.

Centenarians hypnotise themselves: Numerous investigations, research and studies into why some people live to 100 and over, all come up with only One Common Similarity despite the vast dissimilarities in their life-styles such as where they live, what they eat & drink, their habits etc. and that is; Their State of Mind!   Centenarians all enjoy life, have a positive mental attitude, take a real interest in living and want to go on doing so. Consciously and subconsciously Centenarians influence their organs and glands, so they work at maximum efficiency.

Clinical hypnotherapy can relieve & prevent “stress and anxiety” induced diseases which are the real killers these days: High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dependence upon prescription drugs are a potent cause of premature death and failure to score 100. Orthodox Western medical treatment insists that you should “take things easily,” relax and “stop worrying.” Unfortunately you are not told HOW! Instead, all too frequently your doctor prescribes, sedatives, tranquilizers, sleeping pills etc. and many of these ‘legalised’ drugs are addictive. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a ‘side-effect free, natural way’ of ensuring REAL relaxation and freedom from worry, stress and anxiety without the use of addictive prescription drugs, narcotics or alcohol. A few months ago a single mother, middle aged business lady, came to see me complaining of headaches, irritability, lack of interest, severe bouts of depression and inability to concentrate. She suffered from giddiness and insomnia. Continually tense, she felt “everybody was against her” and hated the sight of her business associates. Her doctor stated she had high blood pressure and she should give up work. This worried and stressed her out even more and made her more anxious as she couldn’t afford to. Her Case History revealed a life of considerable stress and anxiety. She was taking heavy doses of sedatives and felt “half dead.” Clinical Hypnotherapy taught her how to relax and deal with her problems without stress, tension and anxiety. At the end of her hypnosis treatment her doctor reported a dramatic fall in blood pressure. She was delighted and stated she could now relax, sleep naturally and do without prescription drugs whilst business worries “were now a thing of the past!” A few months ago she recounted that the improvement in her life had been maintained and that she had been able to carry on her business even under these trying economic conditions.

“the real killers are negative mental attitudes and beliefs that induce stress and anxiety”

Clinical hypnosis can cure bad habits, nervous & allied disorders and psychosomatic conditions which are a menace to health and longevity: Yes, we all know that smoking, alcohol, overeating, drugs, lack of exercise, insomnia, worry, stress and anxiety all contribute to scoring under 100 yet as already mentioned, research conclusively shows the one common trait or “Secret” found in centenarians is that they all have a state of mind promoting: a positive mental attitude, enjoyment of life, taking a real interest in living and doing so! It’s evident by the thousands of Centenarians living in Australia and around the world that human beings can live to 100 and well beyond. So why don’t all of us? Is it because the real killers are negative mental attitudes and beliefs that induce stress, anxiety, and worry related diseases and psychosomatic disorders? Can they be dramatically alleviated by the application of Clinical Hypnosis? Is the most important factor in scoring 100+ the State of a Persons Mind?

Nobody, no matter how sceptical or fanatically opposed to clinical hypnosis; can deny that Clinical Hypnotherapy is a most powerful and effective method of controlling the mind, and through the mind, the physical body. When you seriously consider that by using just a few words suggesting paralysis, a hypnotised person can be rendered powerless to move even though they are fully conscious and able to reason, who then can doubt the power of hypnosis?  When hypnotic suggestion can cause the mouth to water, change the heart rate, influence organ or gland function, or cause total relaxation of the body or to feel no pain; who then can’t be convinced of its vast, unlimited potential in contributing to natural medicine, health and longevity?